Re: XCOM 200

George Konstantopoulos wrote:
> Dear Andrea,
> I intend to buy one of the following two XCOM's digital receivers (XSAT CDTV200):
> What is your opinion about them. Have you tested them.
> What is the min. SR for CDTV 200 ?
> Can CDTV200 receive SCPC (FTA) with no problem (According to Dr. Dish some trick required) ? Have you personaly seen the CDTV 200 working OK in that ?
> Best Regards,
> George Konstantopoulos

This receivers was been testet in summer 1997 in TELE-satellite
International. Have a look in the archive at
or order the back issue. Be careful! Only the version with french
On-Screen-Display (only) works with 10mc trick. Newer versions
(multi-lingual) do not work on scpc. In order to get scpc in the easy
way, you should read the next issue of TELE-satellite International
(1-2/98) or watch the next drdish@tv show on dec.12.

Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Editor of TELE-satellite International
Producer of drdish@tv

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