Re: Satellite Telephone ?.

Jonny Shinfield wrote:
> Hello,
>         I am interested in receiving european satellite telephone channels, I
> am located in south east Spain (38 deg lat) (0 deg long), I have  a 2.3m
> dish and .7 db universal LNB and a scanner capable of tuning - .1 to
> 1950 mhz (all modes).
> Can you please advise me of connection/frequency details for the scanner
> and which satellites/frequencys.
> This is purly for educational use.
> Thanks.
>       Jonny.
For transatlantic travel you have to tune on TDM signals. Go to the 24.5
degr. west position of INTELSAT. Try to tune in to a transponder with a
lot of dark noise on the picture. It looks like a heavy disturbance. Ger
maximal signal in using a threshold extension.
Connect the antenna in of your radio/scanner to the baseband-output of
the sat-receiver, switch the radio/scanner to lower or upper-sideband a
search between 0 and around 3 MHz very carefully. You should get eevery
4 kHz a signal. If you have to much noise on the radio/scanner use the
attentuator and connect between sat-receiver and the antenna in of your
radio/scanner a antenna-tuner and adjust it until you get a better
To listen to scpc-signals (mostly internal communication in african
countries), split the c-lnb-signal. One coax-cable goes to your
satellite receiver and the other line goes to your radio/scanner. BLOCK
THE POWER FROM THE SPLITTER TO THE RADIO!!!. Your satellite receiver
controls only the satellite, the polarization and the band. Try
different satellites in the c-band, like Arabsat and INTELSATs (like 21
degr. west) and tune your radio between 950 and 1450 MHz.
TELE-satellite International reports regulary on this matter and in
older issues you will complete frequency listings (look for the
For INMARSAT it is the same procedure, but will need a special antenna
for the L-band.

Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Editor of TELE-satellite International
Producer of drdish@tv

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