Re: Inmarsat Reception

Martin Ehrenfried wrote:
> Hi Christian
> I am having reasonable success receiving Inmarsat from the Southern UK with
> a 0.9m offset dish and a modified GPS active antenna as the feed.
> However I have seen reference made to an Inmarsat antenna supplied by
> Koeditz - can you give me a suppliers name, address and indication of cost
> ?
> What is the technical performance of the feed ? Is it correctly polarized ?
> I also read about a Fax decoding programme 'FAX Probe' which I have been
> unable to obtain any information on ?
> Any assistance would be appreciated
> Regards
> Martin
The antenna comes from
Koeditz Nachrichtentechnik

The one published in TSI and used in drdish@tv was been made for a
offset-dish and turns the polarization around. I use this one constantly
with very good results. A good "beacon" is AFN-Radio on 1537 MHz,
because it is the weakest signal. Koeditz charges DM 580,-. This
includes the antenna and radom (1525-1545 MHz, gain: >30 dB, noise: 0.3
dB, DC-power: 12 ) Bias-T for DC-power costs extra DM 68,-. So far as I
heared is Koeditz busy to construct a long-yagi also.
A UK-based company offers the same, but never showed up with the real

Fax-Probe is a commercial product for use with the pc and is made for
fax-line testing, but works also as a reader. Only one problem: it costs
around US$ 1800,- and I believe it can be done much, much cheaper, since
we had in past some positive results. A little smeery, but still
readable. This would be a nice job for software-developer with knowledge
of the G3-standard. hardware is not the problem.

Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Editor of TELE-satellite International
Producer of drdish@tv

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