Re: [ (silly ?) question for Dr Dish]

Philippe BRUNO wrote:

> Dear Dr Dish,
> I am a subscriber to different mailing lists sponsored by TeleSatellit.
> I have two things to point out, and a silly question.
> 1.
> First thing is that I found your mailing list very very interesting
> since I subscribed to it. However, I really don't know why you changed
> the way you were handling the messages : it was nice, in the past, to
> receive your messages one by one, on an unregular basis. I am sure you
> had good reasons to change, but I must say I preffered the other way.
> 2.
> Second thing to point out is that you should clearly mention what's the
> right adress where to send you questions.
> I sent you a long mail, several monthes ago, with 4 different questions
> on it, and I really appreciated the answer you made.
> But, in the meantime, it seems that the adress has changed, and I don't
> know what's the right one now...
> 3.
> Here is the *silly* question.
> Please note I know it is silly to ask you this. I have that question
> pending for MONTHS, but, today, I said to myself "well... : if you never
> ask him, then you have no chance to receive any answer...".
> So, here is my silly question. Please note I can fully understand you
> don't give me a direct answer to it :
> Would you please tell me how I could enter into relation with "satellite
> hackers / crackers".
> Please note that I am NOT motivated by money, and I am NOT
> "TV-addicted".
> I just want to have fun in trying to receive and descramble coded
> satellite feeds, no matter it is data, TV, music, earth observation,
> spying, and so on. My true motivations are :  1. the fun   2. the fact
> of having a better understanding, technically speaking, and,  3.
> happiness to have succeeeded in finding and descrambling feeds.
> That's all.
> Finally, please note that the people I would like to enter into contact
> with should be as close as possible to my region (Liège / Belgium), in
> order to speak the same language (I do not speak a single word of Dutch
> nor German... sorry...!!!) and to "see" the same "sky".
> That was my silly question.
> Thank you for any kind of help you could give...
> Best regards,
> Philippe BRUNO.

You can use any known e-mail adress to reach me, but for technical- or
media questions just enter the konowledge zone <http://www.drdish.com>
and write down your request. Sometimes - like now - it can take some
time to get an answer, because I have to do my regular work for TSI.
Usually you will find the answer here or in TELE-satellite
international. It is possible that some questions are lost during an
emergency change of computers. So if you (or others) did not get any
answer, just try it again.

Still you should get the answers on a unregular basis one by one.

To learn more about satellite related hacking, just go to the related
newsgroups. Also there is a book The Black Book by J. McCormack and if
you like to read more about satellite espionage and related matters,
subscribe to TSI, because I wrote around 20 single stories on this
theme. If missed the older issues. The whole pack will be available as a
book, published by Franzis in Munich/Germany.
Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Editor of TELE-satellite International
Producer of drdish@tv

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