Re: ORT from 53 East

Hello !

> city: Kfar Adumim
> questions: Hello,
> do you know what happened to the GORIZONT 32 @53E ?
> About two weeks ago I suddenly wasn't able to
> receive the ORT from transponder 6 on 3.675GHz.
> I stil receive the RTR from GORIZONT 31 on the
> same frequency.
> Thank for your time,
> Yaakov
> country: Israel

I've just checked 40 East and 53 East with my
Jonsa 2.4m dish (a little bit damaged after a hurricane in Moscow), 
and signals from both satellites are very strong, 
I could receive both RTR and ORT.
So it's quite hard to tell exactly why you can't receive
ORT from 53 East. Try pointing your dish more 
exactly to the satellite, because it's on the inclined
orbit, and signal strength can change during the time
of the day. 

Best wishes
DX Nickolas
Head of SATCO DX Rus
Editor of TELE-Satellit
Moscow, Russia

e-mail: rus@satcodx.com

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